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Complete your CRM solution!
DataPlus cloud
Security | Performance | Global View
DataPlus cloud

What does it do?

Allows Act! users and contacts access to data based on Act! permissions.
  • In Act!, create login credentials for users and contacts
  • Available Act! contacts based on filters - (e.g. ID/Status contains Customer or Prospect)
  • Website hosted on your IIS server
    • Webpage reads Act! data relating with contact
    • Webpage reads application data relating with Act! contact
  • Access to website
    • Act! Adminstrator: Access to every filtered Act! contact
    • Act! User: Access to every filtered Act! contact based on limited access
    • Act! Contact: Access to their account information only
  • Access to Files & Folders
    • Adminstrators, Users, Contacts can upload and download files.
  • Files & Folders Location/Access
    • Your network folder structure
    • Act! using dpFolders

What can you see?

Provides users access to critical and statistical information from your business applications via the cloud!
  • Data source(s)
    • Live Act! Premium Data
    • ERP or Accounting Software
      Depending on software, data is either live or with scheduled updates
    • Custom Applications
      Depending on Application, data is either live or with scheduled update
  • Presentation - Webpage
    • Standalone Webpage
    • Act! for Web using "Web Info" tab
      • Information relates to current contact
  • Files & Folders
    • Upload and download files
  • Security
    • We recommend using SSL certificate more info

What data could display?

Access aggregated Act! Premium and Application data.
  • Field data
  • Statistical data
  • Views or lists
    • Invoices
    • Receipts
    • Items Sold
    • Inventory
    • Jobs
    • Bids
    • Listings
    • Stocks
    • More ..
  • Within Act!, associate data with contact using "Web Info" tab
    • Act! Premium
    • Act! Premium for Web

DataPlus cloud
  • Basic.................................
  • For e-automate ................
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